Wema Sepetu Cries After News of Diamond And Zari’s Wedding, Phones Diamond’s Reletives Constantly.



Hot gossip is that Wema Sepetu locked herself in room and cried for hours after she saw photos and  received news of Diamond and Zari’s wedding on Friday night last week although their wedding was not true.

According to Tanuru La Filamu newspaper Wema was mixed up by the whole issue so she took her phone and started calling Diamond’s relatives and close friends to get the truth about it but she got different answers as some said it was true, some said not true and others said they don’t know about it. She subsequently locked herself in a room and started crying as it is said she always think Diamond is her right man and he will marry her someday not Zari.

‘Frankly speaking Wema was mixed up so much, she was phoning constantly, unfortunately she received different answers, some said it is true they got married some said it is false, when she continued receiving same answers she decided to lock herself in a room and herself in a room and started crying” said the insider.

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CREDIT :   Swahili world planet

Tupe maoni yako hapo Chini..!!